Friday 21 September 2018

Take It Make It Challenge: Winners Profile

Welcome to our Winners Profile, showcasing the Design Winner of last month's Take It Make It challenge!
The very talented winner of the August 2018 challenge is:

Amanda Pink

Amanda won the challenge with this truly amazing canvas. We loved the colour combo, the textures, the details, well everything really!

We asked Amanda few questions about stamping (well, we are Craft Stamper after all!)

Q: If money were no object, what would be on your craft stash wish list? Or do you have everything you need already?
A: Top of my ‘money no object’ craft stash wishlist wouldn’t be craft stash as such, it would be an art studio,
fully kitted out with work stations for the various machines I use, plenty of well designed storage space for my 
ever expanding craft stash and a big workbench to create from. Oh it would have great lighting too. A place you 
can just walk into and create. Wishful thinking hey?!

Q: Are you a silent crafter or do you need music to work to? If so, what is your crafting playlist?
A: Either/or for me. A lot depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m creating.  As for my playlist, well being a
lover of all kinds of music genres my playlist is wide and varied but you can be sure U2 always make the cut .

Q: Thinking about colours…. Do you have a particular colour ’block’? One that you struggle to use, or just plain hate?
A: On the whole I'm happy to give most colours a go although I have to admit I do have my faves and there 
are some I do feel I tend to veer away from – Peach and Pinky colour tones are a couple that spring to 
mind though I’m ok with the funkier ‘hot pinks’.

Q: If someone were to design a stamp just for you, what would it look like? Or does that stamp already exist? If it does, what is it?!
A: Mmmm now there’s food for thought  ..... I guess it would be a stamp designed around some of the 
imagery that I love, for example eyes, faces, silhouettes – something on those lines but with a real ‘artsy’ 
or ‘grungy’ edge. That said I love meaningful words and font styles too and then there’s always my love of
texture and mark making ....... Would it be greedy to ask for one of each?  ;)

Q: Are you super speedy, or more of a take your time crafter? Quick projects or week long extravaganzas?
A: I guess I would be classed as more of a ‘take your timer’ although it is somewhat ‘freeing' to step over to 
the speedy side every now and then- I know I need to do more of it to challenge the perfectionist, harsh 
self critic in me.

We also asked Amanda to share some of her favourite stamped creations with us, and tell us why she likes them so much. Here is what she has chosen:

"This is one of my favourite pieces of art to date. It is made from a book I made back in my 6th form 
school day. I love everything about it including the memories."- Amanda

"This tag was recovered from ‘messing up’ a stenciled image over a ‘tie dyed’ background all thanks to some
 white gesso, a brayer and an ‘I’ve got nothing to lose attitude’.  It holds a touch of colour, some grunge 
appeal and is stamped and embellished with Seth Apter products- everything I love" - Amanda

Congraulations on being our August Design Winner Amanda, it was lovely to learn a little more about you!

Do YOU fancy having a winners profile all about you on the CS blog? 

The profile is part of the prize package for each Design Winner of our challenges. All you need to do is enter a creation into the challenge, then if you are voted Design Winner everyone will be reading all about you before you know it!


  1. Lovely to see the super talented Amanda featured here, her artsy work is always a real feast for the eyes! x

  2. Fabulous to see Amanda in the spotlight - her work is always amazing.
    Alison x

  3. Fantastic and worthy winner, just love Amanda’s work
    Amanda x

  4. Thank you so much Craft Stamper for deeming my art worthy of winning and for my feature today here on your blog. It really was a wonderful surprise . Heartfelt appreciation to Trish and the team. Amanda x

  5. Thanks so much Alison, Tera and Amanda for stopping by and for your lovely kind words. They are very much appreciated. x

  6. Fabulous work, love U2 as well! Cathy x

  7. Très beau travail, cette création où le bleu est mis en valeur.
    Bonjour de France

  8. Thanks so much Cathy, Preeti, Karen and Karin for stopping by and for your lovely kind words. They are very much appreciated. x

  9. Fabulous work Amanda! Love the way you use colour and texture in your work xx