Sunday 9 September 2018

Blog Exclusive: Calico Crafts Designer, Kerstin Peters

In the October issue of Craft Stamper, we featured some truly amazing altered MDF Book Box Journals. Available from Calico Craft Parts, these book boxes were transformed into works of art by the designers. 
One designer, Kerstin Peters, created a wonderful haunted house design. We very sadly only had room to share the cover in the magazine, but the inside is just as stunning! We wanted to share that with you too, so here we are!
Sit back and enjoy!

Kerstin, you did a super amazing job, we love it!
To read the sory behind the creation, and to see all the rest of the book box journals, check out the October issue of Craft Stamper magazine!

To buy a book box all of your own to alter (along with a whole host of other very cool stuff), please visit:


  1. Wow! Kerstin did an amazing job indeed! I am so happy that you're featuring what is not shown in the magazine over here, because I don't know what I love better -the inside or outside of her fantastic book box project! Great job, Kerstin! And thank you, Craft Stamper, for sharing this brilliant inspirational piece in its full glory!

    Claudia xxx

  2. Thank you very much, that makes my day friends. Love your beautiful photos from my project,it was and is really a pleasure for me to work with this amazing wooden shapes from Calico Craft Parts again and again. TFS Kerstin

  3. Absolutely stunning, so unique and a work of art. Amazing inspiration, thank you x.

  4. Wow, love this so much!!! Stunning book, fabulous!
    Thank you for sharing the inside too.
    Well done to you Kerstin! :) x

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