Tuesday 20 January 2009

Submission guidelines

I've been asked a few times for submission guidelines for folks who are interested in contributing to Craft Stamper. I have finally put some together! Below is a sample of the content, if any of my readers thinks they would make a good contributor, I can email the full version over. My email address is cs@traplet.com.

Craft Stamper encourages submissions from new artists, including those who have not been published before. We accept both one-off contributions from people with a specific expertise or technique to share, as well as seeking more regular contributors to join the Design Team.

How do we find contributors?
Many contributors join Craft Stamper either as a result of putting themselves forward or by recommendation – for example one of the current additions to the team telephoned me out of the blue and was hired a few days later! Also, new contributors are sometimes approached directly on the strength of artwork that has appeared on the internet or in other publications.
Winners of our Readers’ Gallery, competitions, or ATC swap who submit outstanding work may also be considered for publication or asked to participate in challenges, so it is worth submitting to these features.

What are we looking for?
We are looking for outstanding stampers in all areas of stamping. The magazine is eclectic in content, so any kind of style is appropriate – from cute, to modern, to vintage, to altered art. All submissions are considered on the basis of a) quality and; b) the value added to the magazine. On the whole, new contributors will be those who can bring something unique or different to the magazine.

Experience of publication is not important – in fact we positively encourage artists who have not been previously published, or whose work might be too technical or too unusual for the more mainstream UK craft magazines. What you will need is experience of papercraft / stamping / mixed media work; a flair for design and eye for colour; a good standard of written English and the ability to explain processes and techniques in a clear and concise fashion. The ability to take good quality photographs for our step-by-step features is an advantage, though not essential as these are done in house for some contributors.

It is also essential that you are committed and reliable and can meet deadlines. It is imperative that your work shows good attention to detail and is finished to the highest standards.

I hope that answers some of the questions about magazine submissions for you.

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  1. coooooey! they'll be after our jobs next ;)

    good luck everyone...but try not to inundate the Ed all at once, eh? lol

  2. Thanks for posting this info Katy, its very interesting to read and work towards.