Saturday 3 January 2009

Feb Matchbook project - step by step

In case you fancy making the matchbook I created for the Feb issue of Craft Stamper with the free 'Love you more tag' cover mount stamp, here are some detailed step-by-step instructions with pictures for you (forgive the less than perfect pictures - they are all my own work! LOL).

Step 1: Cut a strip of card 3" wide from a 12x12 sheet of silver cardstock. Score the card so you have sections of the following sizes: 1 3/4"; 3", 1/4", 2.5". Cut off the excess. Fold as shown to make a matchbook shape.
Step 2: Stamp the heart border along the edge of the short flap.

Step 3: Cut along the top edge of the border and colour with a pink Sakura pen.
Step 4: Cut a piece of black card just smaller than the front cover, and a piece of patterned paper slightly smaller than that. Stick these to the cover.
Step 5: Stamp the tag once onto purple card and once onto patterned paper. Cut out the patterned paper tag inside the border and layer onto the purple tag. Colour the heart with a pink Sakura pen.
Step 6: Stick the tag to the cover with a bling brad (I didn't use glue as I wanted the tag to move).

Step 7: Cut a strip of patterned paper from a 12x12 sheet, measuring 2 3/4" wide. Score and fold to create sections as follows: 2 3/4"; 2 1/2" (x4).
Step 8: You'll have a small tab at the end. Cut another piece of the same paper 2 3/4" square and glue it to this end tab.
Step 9: Stick the centre 'pages' together (just put the tape at the fold end to allow the pages to open a wee bit at the base and allow the book to be flexible). Attach the book to the front and back covers of the matchbook, aligning the inner pages with the spine.
Step 10: Stamp heart stamps (Blonde Moments) onto patterned paper and colour parts with the Sakura pen. Cut out.
Step 11: Print out 6 pictures 1 1/2" by 2". Cut out and stick to the pages with a heart on each. On the final page, rather than a heart stamp some journalling lines to add a personal message.
Step 12: Staple along the bottom edge to allow the cover to tuck tightly into the flap. Cover the staples with ribbon (or if you like them, leave them showing).
Hope you've enjoyed this tutorial. See you soon.


  1. Oh that is fabulous, such a cute idea. Like your new photo too. Happy New Year.

  2. What a lovely idea for a mini memory album Katy! Am champing at the bit for my mag to arrive more than ever now
    Ann x

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial! great project.