Friday 5 December 2008

Introducing - the CS challenge!

Introducing (drumroll please.......) - the all new Craft Stamper challenge!

This will be a monthly challenge, to encourage you to try out ideas you've seen in the magazine.
This month the challenge is: GET GLAM WITH GLIMMER, based on Rachel Jackson's fabulous Masterclass on Glimmer Mists on page 62 of the January issue. Your challenge is to try out Rachel's techniques or get creative with your own Glimmer Mist ideas.

Everyone who takes part will be entered into a draw to win this fabulous prize - three Glimmer Mists and some gorgeous Glimmer Screens - courtesy of the lovely Linda at LB Crafts. Linda stocks loads of Glimmer colours so if you need some to do the challenge, pop over to her webshop.

To enter the draw, post a comment and blog link to share your creations (or email me at if you don't have a blog).

I look forward to seeing what you create.
Have fun!
Katy x


  1. Just sent OH to my nearest stockist for the magazine took him 20 minutes drive and it's not in yet he's not best pleased with me :0( but look forward to it

  2. I am so pleased with this new challenge Katy, I am so naughty, I love craft stamper so much and always tell myself that I will do this project, that project ect. but it ends there, so the new challenges will give me the boot in botty, that I need.
    Now where did I put those glimmer sprays ;) off to seek them out.

    P.S. Good luck to everyone that joins in the challenge!

  3. Thought I would have a go at this :) Here is mine
    Great article. Kim

  4. Not sure if I need to wait until my magazine arrives before I take part in this challenge? Hopefully it will be here SOON! I rang Traplet to enquire yesterday and unfortunately it looks as if the one they sent originally is lost in the post, can't wait for my replacement to arrive!

  5. I've made a christmas card list book for a friend for christmas, and used glimmer mists on the pages. I used a masking technique with punched out snowflakes on some of the pages. You can see the book on my blog -

  6. hoping to get this months nag no where near me stocks it.

    a very merry christmas to you all.

  7. I had a go with some new Glimmer Mists - an enjoyable challenge, thanks!

  8. Well I finally got around to the challenge, which I really enjoyed (almost as much as I enjoyed the magazine!!!). Here is the link to my card on my blog.

  9. I thought I had linked this but just in case something went wrong here is my Glimmer Mist card:-

    Thanks for the challenge! I hope there will be more!

    Wendy -x-

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