Monday, 8 December 2008

Cover Mount Creations

Check out Wendy's blog for a lovely card she has made with the December 'Merry Christmas' cover mount. Clever use of the stamp Wendy! I am so chuffed to see people using the free stamps and am so glad they are useful - so many mags have freebies people just chuck away so I do feel proud to see your gorgeous creations.

OK, that's quite enough gushing from me. Here's another small thing I made with the January Poinsettia cover mount. Not much to say about this one except to note that I didn't have any matching ribbon so I tried Distress-inking a piece of grosgrain - and it worked a treat!
Let's see what you've made with the Christmas stamps!
Katy x
Edited to add, looky what Kim made - gorgeousness!


  1. I love the poinsettia cover stamp! It has helped me out on a few cards now :) This is a lovely tag. Kim