Wednesday 19 November 2008

A new look for Sugar Nellie?

Was perusing the Sugar Nellie blog this morning and saw that they have a new artist on board - Leanne Ellis - with a rather different look from their usual stamps.

Here's the post:

Am intrigued to see more...

Catch you later,
Katy x


  1. The Leanne Ellis drawings look fantastic, but there's also to be a 'Gorjuss' new line too!!!
    Can't wait...
    Gayle x

  2. .......and there is even more, we have signed three new names for 2009/10, all on an exclusive contract :)
    Leanne Ellis as you seen and
    Suzanne Woolcott GORJUSS art
    and there is one more to come.Yes a change from the normal cute children but its a great move forward and will open up the range to more crafters. Keep watching.

  3. Will be interested to see which images are made into stamps.I like the whimsical feel to them!!

  4. Interesting....look forward to seeeing the stamps when theyre ready.

  5. I like them. There's really nothing else quite like these out there so I'l be keen to have a fiddle. Suppose it will be a while before they're in production.

  6. I think I might be able to cope with those. LOL They have interesting possibilities

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