Friday 7 November 2008

Free stamp makes - Strawberries

I’ve been trawling the internet to see what you have been making with our new polymer cover mount stamps.

Here are links to a few fab creations with the Strawberry stamp from the August 2008 issue.

A lovely little notebook by Ann
A gorgeous card by Sanisi
Another lovely card by Nicola
A brilliant notecard design by Liz
Edna's delightful layered card
Last but not least, a stylish card by Kim

I hope you like their artwork (but please respect their copyright and don't copy their designs directly).

I’d love to see what you have created with our recent polymer cover mount stamps. If you have artwork on your blog please leave a comment and a link to your artwork here to inspire others (or if you don't have a blog email me a pic to Thank you for sharing.


  1. Aww these are great - I bought the new issue today so will have to have a play with the cute Xmas stamp.
    I did make one with the strawberries
    Here is my Card – Thanks for Looking!

  2. Those are all fabulous...what talented readers we have out there!

    And such a good idea to collect everyone's ideas here...then we can all share the inspiration and the love ;)

  3. please feel free to add my strawberry piece, I shrink plasticed them
    Summer tea light

  4. Oh thank you for linking to my card and I am glad you liked it. I've been loving the your cover stamps and can't wait to get my hands on December's :) Kim

  5. Thank you for featuring my notebook - it was a lovely surprise to find it here. I'm enjoying looking at the other pieces or artwork too. Congratulations on a great magazine - I've been getting it for a good 5 years now and am just as happy with the new look & team as I was before. Last but not least - great to see the blog!

  6. What a lovely surprise to see my card mentioned on the blog! I am tickled pink. I've really enjoyed looking at all the other girl's artwork too. :)

  7. Hi Kate
    I have only just found the craft Stamper Blog, but have book marked it now LOL
    I wanted to show you the card that my stepDD Daisy created using the strawberry stamp. Daisy is 11yrs old and loves reading my CS mag.
    Here is a link to the card.
    Jane x

  8. Hi Katy, how cool that you found my notecards! Glad you liked them, I really enjoy using all the stamps that come with the magazine. I'm looking forward to picking up the new issue tomorrow :) Thanks for linking to me,

    Liz x

  9. I was playing with the free Christmas stamp just this week and came up with a card for my stash. Here if anyone wants a peek:=