Monday 17 November 2008


Hi folks,
Hope you all had a lovely weekend? I'm just in the process of sorting the Christmas ATC swap at the moment, so those of you who took part should get your swaps back soon. In the world of publishing Christmas has come and gone already - had a Valentine's project land on the desk this morning....

The first challenge prize arrived this morning from LB Crafts (thank you Linda)! It's rather scrummy but I'm not telling you what it is!!! Challenge will be announced when the Jan issue hits the shops - on 5th December.

POLL: I've added a little poll to the sidebar - please let me know your thoughts on the content of Craft Stamper by completing the poll. Many thanks.

Katy x


  1. The polls to hard to vote on as i like cs as it is but aslo like whats on the list so can i say more of everything LOL.

  2. I voted because I like certain types of cards more than others. But I have a small question. Here we don't get the magazine. So will the challenge be based on the magazine's content?Cause if that will be it, we won't be able to participate.

  3. Hi Katy
    I have voted and I also found it tough going, I love the magazine and thought it couldn't be bettered, then you took over as editor and bettered it again.
    I look forward to the challenge and I am sure that the prize will be scrummy, as its from Linda, I love her shop.

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