Thursday 20 February 2020

Stamp Your Art Out: Blossom Prompt #1

Good morning!
We launched the latest Art Call for the Craft Stamper Stamp Your Art Out feature on the blog yesterday..... So here we are today with some inspiration for you, perhaps a bit of eye candy to prompt you to get creating?

The theme this time?


Of course, a blossom is a flower, so let's think all things floral! We can go for a single bloom, Kim Dellow created this fabulous art work for our November issue back in 2017:

There is always the option of multiple flowers, the more the merrier! Tracy Evans created a tumbling fall of blossom for our April 2019 issue:

Blossom can be created from other things too, and used to adorn your stamped art work. This would fit perfectly with our theme! Why not create blooms from tissue, as Anna-Karin Evaldsson did in our February 2017 issue:

Emilia Sieradzan created some AMAZING flowers from foamarian in our October 2017 issue:

Of course, you don't have to make the blossom yourself, there are many ready made flowers out there too. Add these to a piece of stamped art to join in with the theme this month, perhaps these wonderful decorations by Lynne Moncrieff (March 20170 issue) will inspire you?

Then of course there is flower SHAPED art! This will also fit in with our blossom theme! This fabulous piece created using flower shaped frames was created by Sam Read for our July 2017 issue:

I think we should end this first prompt post with a classic... just beautifully coloured, delicate, elegant blossom! This card was created by Anna-Karin Evaldsson for our October 2017 issue:

Well? Have we inspired you?! I think I've inspired myself :)
To submit a piece of stamped art for the Art Call, please hop on over to our post yesterday THURSDAY with another Blossom inspired prompt post!