Thursday 30 January 2020

Stamp Your Art Out: Water Prompt #2

Good Morning!
We still have a way to go before the deadline for our Stamp Your Art Out Water themed art call (18th February), so we thought we'd bring you some more ideas, inspiration and, of course, wonderful eye candy!

Craft Stamper May 2020 issue Stamp Your Art Out: Water

Last week we talked about ways to interpret the theme literally, what kind of images do you own that are water themed? How about rainy images?
We love this one, Majo Wybranietz used it to wonderful effect in our April 2018 issue:

Then of course there are the myriad of watery ocean images, for example seahorses captured in an under the sea themed piece by Lisa Taggart (March 2018 issue)

It might not be images that are water themed, die cuts work too! The dripping tap on a modern steampunk piece was created by Helen Chilton for our March 2018 issue:

We also talked about how we would love to see creations made USING water. Ink sprays are a good example of this, the depth of colour achieved can be varied by the amount of water used. We love this piece Anna Emelia Howlett created for our June 2018 issue, full of bright vibrant colour:

Watercolour paints are another great way of getting water into your work. Riikka Kovasin shared a fabulous Masterclass on watercolour for our March 2019 issue, this project combines lots of great techniques:

Water can be used with many different kinds of products, including gel pens! Elizabeth Robinson introduced us to the idea of adding water to your gel pen mark making, creating fabulous watercolour effects:

Lastly (but by NO means leastly!), we have an inspirational project by Julie Ann Lee to share. Julie Ann is known for the storytelling in her work, and this is no exception. Her owl and the pussycat themed piece had her character sailing away (for a year and a day, obviously!) over wonderful waves, created using texture paste. Stunning!

So.... we've given you some ideas, I hope, so all you need to do now is get into that craft room and start making! All of the details on how to submit a project to this art call can be found here.


  1. Wow... stunning creations and fabulous inspiration, thank you x.

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