Monday 27 November 2017

The Inspirational January Issue of Craft Stamper Magazine hits the shops this Friday!

The January issue of Craft Stamper magazines will hit the shops this Friday! Subscribers will be receiving their copies very soon, if they haven't landed already!

Are you organised for Christmas yet? Made all your own cards, or decided nobody appreciates them enough so given in and bought some from the shops? I must admit I’m guilty of the latter, very bah-humbug of me!

Our January issue is crammed full of seasonal makes, so who knows, we may just inspire you to make some last minute cards or gifts!  Emilia has created a stunning winter house for us, I adore the non traditional pink colour scheme! Why not have a go using a white on white palette for that extra snowy look? 

I’m having to pinch myself a little, we have not one but TWO stamping greats sharing projects with us this issue! Both Barbara Gray and Dawn Bibby have done us proud with some stunning creations on pages 28 and 36 respectively. We are thrilled to have Barbara as part of the Craft Stamper family this year, this feature is the start of a wonderful series of Clarity style inspiration! We can’t wait to see the amazing projects she has in store for us, with this gorgeous card being just the first!

Dawn has created two stunning Christmas cards for us, a gorgeously 'non'traditional' colour scheme used to great effect!

We also have a wonderfully detailed wall hanging from Emma Godfrey....

 an amazingly textured decoration by Monika Januszewsa- Rosik...

 and some stunning Christmas cards in our RSS gallery in this issue, like this one crerated by Sam Read!

 Lots for you all to experiment with, and don’t forget, I would love to see what you create! Email me, or share on our Facebook page!

So, where can you get your hands on a copy of the magazine?
For subscriptions, please go to:
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For digital issues, both subscriptions and single issues:

Have a wonderfully crafty month everyone!


  1. A fabulous issue, love the free stamp too - thank you!

  2. I have to renew my subscription... This looks fabulous!! x