Tuesday 3 January 2017

Exclusive Blog Extra: Anna Karin Evaldsson

Our fabulous February issue hits the shops this coming Friday... and inside you'll find an amazing project from Anna Karin Evaldsson...

The step out tutorial in the magazine takes you through just how to recreate the wonderful textured heart that adorns the wall hanging. Anna Karin also very generously has shared how the background panel was created, and we are sharing that tutorial today as a special blog exclusive!

Step By Step: Textures Of The Heart Background.

1. Glue a piece of fabric to burlap using Distress Collage Medium Matte. Add a layer of medium on top of the fabric too.

2. Paint some gesso around the edges and here and there, to tone down the colours of the
fabric a little.

3. When the gesso is dry, stamp randomly with a text or script stamp. The stamping will show better on the gessoed areas.

4. Add a tiny bit of paint to the background, so that it coordinates better with the heart

5. Apply Distress Collage Medium Crazing around the edges of the fabric and here and there on the background. Let dry.

6. Rub Festive Berries and Vintage Photo Distress Crayon into the cracks and remove the excess with a slightly moist paper towel.

Thanks so much for sharing Anna Karin!
We love all the texture going in the background, just stunning!

To see the whole article, please check out the February Issue of Craft Stamper Magazine!  



  1. Beautiful! Love that crackle, but I'm afraid no matter how I spread it, I never get cracks like that from my Crazing!

    1. Thank you so much Sara! Have you tried spreading it with your finger or a palette knife. Let it dry, and then rub something dark into the cracks. Try to apply it in different thicknesses to see what works the best. Good luck!

  2. Lovely background! What a treat to see how it was made.

  3. That looks already gorgeous, and a very interesting mixedmedia piece and technique by Anna-Karin... Can't wait to receiving my issue! :-) x