Thursday 20 October 2016

Throwback Thursday!

It's Thursday... time for a little Throwback!
Every Thursday we will be sharing a wonderful project from a past issue of Craft Stamper Magazine.... a full step by step tutorial for you to feast your eyes upon! As a new project for our newer readers, or a reminder for those who have been with us a while... it's sure to inspire!

Today we are going back to August 2014, and a brilliant tutorial from Kay Carley.
Kay creates the most amazing backgrounds, and this Autumal hued card was no exception...

Kay says...
It took me quite a while of playing around to get the card to match what I had in my head! I knew that I wanted to use these wonderful stamps by Lavinia with Distress inkpads but I wanted to introduce ‘prettiness and lightness’ into the equation! In the end I managed to achieve this by stamping with white pigment ink and embossing with Crystal embossing powder.
 I also took into account the type of ink that I was using, as well as the type of stamps I was working with. Lavinia Stamps are clear polymer, and therefore if you use a dye based inkpad on them you will find that the ink can ‘bead up’ on the surface of the stamp. This will not provide a nice crisp image when stamping it out. However (most of the time) I didn’t want a nice crystal clear image, so I was able to use this to create subtle variations within my stamping!

Whenever I wanted a clear defined image I stamped with Versafine (which is an oil based pigment inkpad which provides crisp imagery) and when I wanted a softer blurred image I stamped with a Distress inkpad (which is dye based). You’ll notice that my ‘focal imagery’ has either been stamped with Versafine/Brilliance or stamped and embossed – these catch your eye first. The supporting imagery has all been stamped with Distress inkpads and although there is a lot of imagery on the cards, nothing is ‘fighting’ with each other! This is due to adjusting the intensity of the imagery with the different types of inkpads and with the use of secondary stamping.


Stamps Kay used...
Lavinia Stamps: Mia; Leaf Trail; Field Grass; Wild Flower; Bluebells; Wild Flower 2 

Other materials...
Smooth white cardstock
Distress inkpads: Antique Linen; Frayed Burlap; Victorian Velvet; Seedless Preserves
VersaMark inkpad
White pigment inkpad
Crystal embossing powder
Versafine inkpad: Toffee
Scrap paper
White Opal Liquid Pearls
Crystal glitter glue
Fine black marker
Sponge wedges
Heat gun

Step By Step instruction:

Step One: Sponge Antique Linen onto a blank piece of smooth white card applying the ink to achieve lighter and darker patches then apply Victorian Velvet around the edges of the panel.


Step Two: Tear a piece of scrap paper to create some hills/mountains shapes. Place roughly half way up the panel and sponge Antique Linen and Victorian Velvet. Move the mask and repeat as desired.

Step Three: Tear a curved edge from scrap paper and use this mask to create some foreground by sponging with Antique Linen, Victorian Velvet and a little of Frayed Burlap.  

Step Four:
Remove the mask. Wet your fingers by dipping them into water or by spraying them with water and flick your fingers over the panel to create water droplets. Allow the droplets to dry.

Step Five: Using Antique Linen, stamp Wild Flowers 2 along the base of the panel then take the tall Wild Flower stamp and Victorian Velvet inkpad and stamp three of these images varying the height.

Step Six: Using Frayed Burlap, stamp Field Grass around the base of the panel angling the stamp in different directions each time you stamp it. Then using Seedless Preserves stamp Bluebells – stamping them twice before re-inking.

Step Seven: Stamp Mia fairly centrally onto the panel using the Toffee inkpad: angling the stamp so that she is flying rather than standing.


Step Eight: Stamp Leaf Trail several times into the top left corner using Antique Linen and repeat with Frayed Burlap. Stamp flowers amongst the ‘branches’ using Victorian Velvet and Seedless Preserves. Dry all stamped imagery using a heat gun.

Step Nine: Stamp and emboss Field Grass around the base of the panel and Leaf Trail to the top left corner and right-hand side using the white pigment inkpad and Crystal embossing powder.

Step Ten: Apply Antique Linen over all the embossed imagery using a sponge wedge then repeat using Victorian Velvet and a sponge wedge to really ‘pop’ the embossed imagery

Step Eleven: Darken up the edges of the panel by sponging Victorian Velvet around all the sides then flick the panel again with water to soften the edges being careful not to apply too much water to the stamped dye based imagery.

Step Twelve:  Tap a Versamark inkpad around all the edges of the panel and emboss with Crystal embossing powder. Stick the panel to a wider white tall card blank and edge the long sides with a black marker.


To finish the card apply Crystal glitter glue to Mia’s wings then apply dots of this and Liquid Pearls falling from her hands and add Liquid Pearls to some of the flower centres.

So full of detail.... simply stunning!
Thanks Kay!  

See you next week for more Throwback Thursday inspiration!