Monday 25 April 2016

Our fabulous June issue hits the shops on Friday!

The new look June issue of Craft Stamper magazine hits the shops on Friday 6th May (yes there was a mix up in the dates, so sorry) Subscribers will be getting their copiesat the end of this week!

Why 'new look' ? Difficult to spot in a picture..... but when you get your hands on your copy you'll notice a change in paper and how we present ourselves. We want to showcase our inspirational art in the best way possible, we love the new feel to the magazine!

We are also launching our new digital stamps! Our polymer stamps will now feature every other issue, both in ‘real’ and digital format. With EVERY issue from now on, we will be sharing multiple digital images with our readers. Lots of choice, and lots of ways to use them! We are so excited to be able to bring our readers some wonderfully varied, FREE images!  For the details on how to get hold of the digital images, please see page 60.
We are thrilled to welcome Shirley Bampton to our Craft Stamper family this month. Shirley is the designer of our digital images this month, and she is sharing some fabulous creations using them. As the image is digital, it can be resized to suit your project, and Shirley showcases this beautifully with an amazing tote bag!

The talented Jenny Marples has created a fabulous canvas for us in this issue, superb texture! The technique? Baby wipes! 

We also have a stunning colouring tutorial from Kay Carley..

 Beautiful floral cards by Helen Chilton...

 Gorgeous journal pages by Magda Polakow...

 A wonderfully kinetic acetate project by Keren Baker...

 and an amazing masterclass featuring glitter from Riikka Kovasin....

Lots for you all to experiment with, and don’t forget, I would love to see what you create! Email me, or share on our Facebook page!

For those who do not subscribe,  copies of the magazine are available here:
Digital copies are also available here:
Craft Stamper: Digital Issues  (June issue will be available from Friday 06/05/16)

Or... why not ask your local craft store to stock the magazine! We supply shops all over the world :) Information on how to stock Craft Stamper can be found on our web site, or email me and I'll help!

Have a wonderfully crafty month everyone!


  1. Looking forward to it very much ... not so sure about the digi stamp idea but i will reserve my judgement for a few months!

  2. The new cover looks great. I'm also very surprised to see that you are promoting digi stamps! I tried them for stamping and colouring a few years back but I must admit that I found them so awkward to print off and colour that I stopped using them. If I use any digis now they are just the precoloured image type. I will be very interested to see what your designers do with them. It's sad to see the "real" stamps are only appearing every other month now but I do appreciate the only certainty in life is change. Good luck with the new look mag.

  3. I don't like digi stamps either, for much the same reason as Jane

  4. Dear 'Anonymous', I'm so sorry, but we had to delete your comment due to the obscenity used. However, I am reposting the rest of the message here:
    "You are killing the magazine!! we want real stamps!! no stamps and the same price of magazine? "

    We would like to reassure readers that the content of the magazine has not changed. Our designers continue to share the mose amazing, creative stamped art work for everyone to learn from, and be inspired by. The only difference is that going forward, we will be offering many many more free images for our readers to use, in both digital and polymer format. A wide variety of styles and themes that will appeal to more readers than a single image ever would. The introduction of digital images means our large readership from overseas, and also those reading the magazine digitally will now be able to benefit, which they can not do currently with the polymer stamp. We will be sharing projects and tips and tricks for using digital images in upcoming issues, and also here on the blog, so I would encourage those unsure about this type of crafting to experiment, and at least have a go before it is dismissed out of hand. Exactly the same advice I would share for ANY kind of crafting, come to think of it.
    Trish x

    1. I love craft stamper magazine and your art work!! But this idea of digital stamps no thanks; why we must see everything in digital?

    2. Exactly! I love working with a real stamp and getting it to fit my project or working my projest around the stamp no matter the size of the main one. I also like to use several stamps in many ways on a lot of my projects.
      I am sorry that Ms Annoymous had to resort to obscene language, it did nothing for the cause!
      I'm not a fan of digi-anything, however we all use the internet for e-mails, Googling, FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
      Time has come for businesses to embrace the digi world or become extinct, especially if they are to reach over-seas cutom and perhaps, just perhaps, people who can't afford rubber stamps or prefer to work digitally.
      I take my hat of to Craft Stamper for resisting a total switch and for 'testing the water' by introducing digi-stamping every other month.
      I assume, having bought the magazine for several years now, that Craft Stamper will be providing us techo-phobic dinasours with tutourials, both clearly explained with photographic images/support?
      I, for one, am glad that they are giving us the opportunity to catch up with the rest of the world. Take it or leave it, this way we will still be getting 'real' stamps six times a year. This way we will have 2 months to 'play' with each freebie - double the vale! Yay!
      I'm up for the challenge, to at least try digi-stamping. I'm a firm believer in trying anything once, so long as it's legal! If I don't like it I've lost nothing but I will have gained a whole new experience, a valuable one for life in the 2000's.
      On behalf of all the 'traditional' stampers I apologise for the conduct of just one of us.

    3. P.s. please excuse my typo, a digi-error - *double the value - not vale! :O

  5. Oooh! Fab peeks and can't wait for my copy to hit the doormat!
    Fliss xx

  6. My magazine landed on the doormat today and I will admit I was a bit disappointed to see no actual stamp freebie. I have come to enjoy the challenge of using a stamp I did not choose myself.

    I am disappointed at the decision to go with digi stamps. Although I see how it is fairer to digital subscribers, I wonder if a digi version could not be provided for them?

    Personally I am not a fan of digi stamps at all. This is not an out of hand dismissal - I spent over a year on a digi DT and have used them extensively in the past, but ditched them in favour of the delights of the real thing. They are just not for me.

    That said there is way more to my subscription decision than the freebies and content is the main reason I am a huge fan...and as long as that remains the same high standard I will be happy.

  7. Not sure about the digi stamps colouring them is not easy.
    But at least we will get a stamp every other month. Sometimes a change is good

  8. Nnnoooo I'm gutted.
    I only found your magazine a couple of months ago and fell in love with it and the challenge of working with superb stamps that I haven't chosen myself.
    I was going to subscribe but I've found out that this month and then every other month there will be no physical stamp, only a digital set. This is no good as I don't have a computer or printer.
    How disappointing. I know we live in a "technical age" but not all of us do so yet again another magazine will be selectively excluding many crafters.
    I'm so glad I hadn't yet subscribed or was a long time fan otherwise it might have felt like a huge slap in the face!
    Oh well I guess with a heavy heart I shall have to start my search again for a magazine that values it's non techy followers.
    Very sad and disappointed :-(