Thursday 3 December 2015

Reader Submissions wanted: April Ready Set Stamp gallery

We are looking for submissions for our Ready, Set, Stamp feature on the following theme for our April issue of Craft Stamper. If you've always wanted to see YOUR card in print, now is your chance!! 

* PLEASE NOTE: That is a typo on the colour swatch.. the deadline is December 18th!*

Colours: Baby Blue, Fuchsia, Violet, Baby Pink

                        ****Please do NOT create Christmas cards for this art call! ****

Deadline for submission: 18th December 2015

· Please email your submissions to
· Please put 'Ready Set Stamp' followed by the theme in the subject line
· Please note that due to the number of submissions it's not possible to contact every entrant individually - if you have not heard from us within one week, your submission has not been successful. Please try again with a different card!

· Please make cards only for this gallery.
 . Please do not use stamps that are discontinued for this article. Also please only use stamps that are available to buy in the UK (the exception is stamps from advertisers e.g. Art Journey, De Stempelwinkel).
. We do not accept cards created with digital stamps ONLY for this feature. Digital stamps MUST be used in conjunction with real stamping to qualify.
· Cards which are selected need to be posted to the Craft Stamper offices in the UK.
· This call IS open internationally.
· Note that we do choose artwork as it arrives, so please don't wait until the last minute to submit if your cards are ready.
· Cards will be returned at our expense, along with a complimentary copy of the magazine in which your card features. Note this can take approx. three months.
· Please follow both the theme AND the colour scheme when creating your cards. You can add black, white and metallics to any of the schemes. The ideas given are simply that, ideas, and do not have to be followed to the letter!
· Text for this article is required (don't worry - it is short!) and should be entered into the document provided – this will be sent to you if you are selected.

We look forward to seeing all of your beautiful designs!

**I've mentioned a few thing I consider to be 'doodle style'  stamps in a comment below.. please have a read if you're unsure about the theme? xxx**


  1. Hi, please could you give an example of doodle-style stamps? Do sentiment stamps count? Thank you :)

  2. I'd also like to know what you define as doodle style stamps. Are there some examples you can give? Certain companies who make them in particular? Thanks

  3. Hello ladies! A 'doodle' style stamp is really anything that looks sketched or hand drawn. Or, a design you can imagine yourself drawing whilst on the phone! So, think Tim Holtz blueprint stamps, or Dina Wakely sketchy birds? That kind of thing. Nothing too precise! I would definitely include background stamps with a repeating pattern of circles/hearts/squares etc in the 'doodle stamp' category... that's the kind of thing I find myself doodling all the time! Zentangle type designs would be fabulous as well! Hope that helps a little?
    Trish x