Tuesday 24 March 2015

Meet the team - Trish Latimer

Welcome to the latest in our regular series throwing the spotlight on some of the designers who create regularly for Craft Stamper. Mixed media with a quirky style and creative approach to all kinds of materials from fabric to wire and paint to book pages - it can only mean that today's spotlight falls on the highly talented and individual Trish Latimer...


This feels weird…. A post about little old me on the blog, rather than me writing a post about someone else! 

Anyway…hello out there! I’m Trish Latimer, and I’m a stamp-a-holic… (and a paint-a-holic as well I think!). My first project for Craft Stamper was in the middle of 2008, and I’ve been a regular ever since. I love sharing techniques, ideas and quirky weird stuff with all the CS readers, so long may it continue.

I blame shopping TV for my stamping addiction! Channel surfing on the sofa whilst at home feeding baby number 1, I stumbled across a stamping demo…was very intrigued and the rest is history! It’s actually quite scary thinking that was nearly 20 years ago, I certainly don’t feel old enough to have a baby about to leave her teens!

Favourite Project #1
I chose this one because the technique involved is really messy! I know if I’ve had a fun playtime creating if I’m so painty I need a shower afterwards!

This project is blogged {here}

Q: Do you have a signature style or favourite technique?
A: My style has evolved over the years into a messy, painty colourful kind of affair, with quirky figures, random quotes and (of course) plenty of stamping thrown in for good measure. I just love creating 3D assemblages, with Art Dolls being a firm favourite right now!

Favourite Project #2
I had to include an Art Doll, this is one of my favourites.

This project is blogged {here}

Q: Where do you look for inspiration before you start on a project?
A: My inspiration comes from all over the place. I think my brain stores up all sorts of ideas and images, then turns them into projects, which are guaranteed to pop into my brain just before I go to sleep! Luckily, the ideas are still there in the morning when I wake up!

Favourite Project #3
I really love exploring my bonkers side, and I think this meditating cat sums this up quite well!
This project is blogged {here}

Looking through all those old projects has me itching to get back into my studio to get the paints and stamps out again….so see you soon!


Thanks to Trish for a glimpse into her stamping world and to you for joining us on the Craft Stamper blog today, hope you've enjoyed "meeting" another designer!


  1. Great to know a bit more about Trish and sharing her awesome art....I'm a huge fan of her art dolls...she is the queen of them! Ruth X

  2. You rock, Trish! I love every single article by you!:-)

  3. It is lovely to learn a bit more about Trish, the Artist! Trish's projects are always so inspiring, I love her art dolls and I am proud to say that I now own Trish's favourite project No. 3 - how lucky am I !!

  4. Trish is one of my all time favorite artists! Thanks for sharing a little more of what she's thinking and who she is with us.

  5. Trish is a fabulous artist I agree... I love her style, easy to recognize each time as she really has a true signature. Three fab projects here that I love!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Trish for sharing your art so well in my favourite Craft Stamper magazine for a while now, I always learn something from you, and it is always stunning! Coco x

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  7. Thanks for sharing a little more of what she's thinking and who she is with us.
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