Tuesday 23 December 2014

Meet the team - Kim Dellow

Hello and welcome to the latest in the regular series introducing some of the designers who contribute regularly to Craft Stamper. Take a wee break from all the Christmas preparations, come on in and meet Kim...

My name is Kim Dellow and I describe myself as an artist – crafter – blogger so I’m covering all my bases! I live in London, UK and I’ve been a Craft Stamper DT member since late 2012, but you might have spotted a couple of my works turning up, on and off, in the magazine before then. 

My arty-crafty story kind of started around 2007 and I’ve dipped my toe in lots of different things from stitchery to model making. Stamping is one of the techniques that I have in my technique tool box and probably my favourite thing about stamping is how flexible a technique it is. 

I think that being creative is in the fibre of my being and I love being able to do it on a regular basis. I adore the constant learning, idea generating and working with my hands that is part of the creative process for me.

Favourite Project #1: Someone Is Watching You. I love the mix of the real and the insubstantial in this ATC with the textural and touchable fabric and the more ethereal stamping of the eyes on the acetate. 

This project is blogged {here}

Q. Do you have a signature style or favourite technique?
A. I don’t really have a favourite technique and I like to try everything. But I do have my comfort zones and when I’m pushed for time, which is often as I am regularly trying to create to deadlines, then I do tend to reach for certain techniques. Things like using stamping to add texture, if I’m colouring I often reach for my pencils and I love clean and simple design.

Favourite Project #2: Inrō-Inspired Altered Dominos. Probably a good example of where inspiration strikes and that is anywhere. These stamping makes were inspired by a museum visit. 
 This project is blogged {here}

Q. Where do you look for inspiration before you start on a project?
A. When I am putting together a Craft Stamper article then it all depends on if I am working around a specific stamp set or if the project is more about a technique or a finished project. My creative process for articles is very deadline and product driven. My own creative process for non-commissioned projects is far more nebulous and the inspiration can come from anywhere. Of course the two processes, deadline creating and no-limits creating, often feed into each other.

Favourite Project #3: Sunshine In A Tin. This is one of my all-time favourite creative themes, making something unexpected like a giant sun in a sardine tin, for example. If there is some repurposing thrown in as well then I’m in creative heaven.

This project is blogged {here}

When I have the time I love to share over at my blog (www.kimdellow.co.uk) where you can also find all the links to the usual social media outlets. I would love to hear about your creative processes so do drop in and say hi.

Thanks for joining us, we hope you've enjoyed meeting Kim and some of the other regulars during 2014. Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to introducing you to some more Craft Stamper designers next year!