Wednesday 27 July 2011

August Subs Gift

I know, I know - the mag came out weeks ago... I am WAY behind this month. But in case you are thinking of subbing and wondering whether this month's sub gift is for you, I'm going to tell you a little bit about the Cosmic Shimmer Chalk Mists. The offer is for all six colours of mist - gorgeous bright shades they are too. I demo'ed these at the Newbury Artstamps show and learned that there is just so much you can do with them!

First of all if you are thinking this is just another kind of glimmer mist, you'd be wrong. The effect of these sprays is much different. They are quite opaque in finish (most of the glimmery sprays are transparent) and have a matt chalk-like finish which is quite tactile.

The colours are strong and vibrant but they can be blotted or spritzed whilst wet to give a much softer and more subtle effect - giving you lots of colour variations in the one bottle.

They are also fab on surfaces like wood - as they are less 'wet' than a lot of sprays you get fantastic colour coverage even without priming.

You can of course just spray them onto cardstock using a single colour or mix of colours to create either solid colour backgrounds or a lightly spritzed effect. As long as the original colour is dry and you are not too heavy-handed, you can spray another colour over the top because, once dry, the ink is fairly permanent.

Here are some of the samples I did for the show, showing some of the things you can do with these lovely sprays:

1 Fantastic spritzed through masks to create a pretty background. The colours will mix if not dried between sprays producing lovely effects. This is the same colours as example 4 but I blotted the colour off to give a more subtle effect.

2 Spritzed onto a mat and dipped repeatedly (think Wrinkle Free Distress) you can create a much more 'grungy' looking background.
3 You can heat emboss them! Tip over the powder while the ink is still wet and just heat to set! Awesome! (Discovered this purely by accident when messing about in my little room of craft).

4 Watercolour with them - spritz onto a mat, mix with water to dilute, and pick up the colour with a paintbrush (apologies for the rubbish colouring, not my forte!). On this card you can again see a stencilled background. This time the colour is not blotted.

5 Finally the background on this card was also created with the sprays but this time they are very watered down to make a soft wash. I spritzed already wet card and then mixed with a paintbrush before drying. Again colour is added by watercolouring with the mists. I coloured the flower heads with a white gel pen.

If you read all that then you must really want the sprays so get subscribing LOL!

You can sub via or by calling 01684 588599.

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  1. ohhhh what a fantastic Sub gift. Those sprays look fantastic. Lee x