Monday 9 May 2011

See your work in Craft Stamper!

We know that many of your enjoy seeing your work in print in (hopefully!) your favourite magazine, and to that end we are introducing more opportunities for readers to be published from now on.

We felt that after many years it was time to say goodbye to our Trade It swap feature and replace it with a feature which we hope will appeal to a larger number of our readers. We are opening up a brand new gallery feature to readers also.

There will now be three different ways in which readers can feature in Craft Stamper:
1 Trade It will be replaced by a new reader-focussed feature which will include:
a) Makes inspired by Craft Stamper.
b) Makes using our free stamps.
c) Reader interviews and blog reviews.
More details are in the June issue at the end of 'Trade It'. To submit work for this feature (inspired by CS or using our cover stamps) email pictures to (NB: actual artwork will be required if you are selected). Blog nominations can be sent to the same address.

2 Inspiration Gallery (still to be named!)
This will be an inspiration gallery on a given theme and readers will be invited to partcipate each month. The beauty of this for readers is that very little writing is required, meaning we can also open it up to overseas readers for whom English is not a first language.

First two themes are:
-ANIMAL MAGIC. COLOURS: brown, cream and blue. Closes 13th May.
-OH, THE PLACES YOU'LL GO (cityscapes - think Paris, London, NY, Venice etc). COLOURS: Warm cream with black and white. Closes 13th June.

Email submissions to (NB: actual artwork will be required if you are selected).

3 Reader Submissions
We will continue to accept articles from readers to be featured in the magazine in the current format.

We know that some of you will miss the Trade It feature, but magazines have to change and develop else we risk becoming stale and boring. We think the new features will give more readers more opportunity to engage with the magazine and see their work in print. I can't wait to see what you send me!

Until next time,


  1. Hi Katy, Editor of my favourite magazine!
    Trade It is the article I will miss least, new idea sounds great to me.
    One of my favourite things: showing a piccie of the stamps set used for the article, so I know if there are other stamps on it I like, or just the one you used. I think this is brilliant and if it's possible to do it where there are extras used that would be even better.

  2. It all sounds very exciting Katy and am sure you will be innundated with applications and brilliant work. Have fun, Annette x