Monday 25 January 2010

Your Top Ten?

You may not know this, but Craft Stamper is 10 years old this June! With this in mind I think it would be nice to look back over the last ten years, so I am blogging today to ask for your help.

I'd love to know what is your absolute favourite CS project from the last 10 years? Is there something that sticks out in your mind? Is it a project that inspired you to try something new? Is it the reason you bought your very first Craft Stamper?

Whether you have been buying CS from day one or if you are new to us, we'd love to know what your personal highlights are and why.

Please leave a comment on this post letting me know:
What is your favourite project? (if possible give me an idea of the month/year)
A few words about why have you chosen this project.
Your name and location (e.g. Katy Fox, Worcestershire) so we can credit you in the article.

This is such a good excuse to have some fun looking at your back issues. I am intrigued to see what we be picked out. I have some favourites in mind but choosing just one is hard!

Katy x


  1. Hi,
    Iv'e been stood on a buffet,to reach all my old CS mags & have at last found my fave article!!!

    It is from January 2007 issue,p.20-25,Colour Me Crafty by Rachel Jackson.

    I just adored the Happy New Year card,it has a beautiful stamped gown,beads,ribbon & stamping onto fabric.I bought everything & made my own!!!

    Diane Wheeler. Halifax,West Yorks.

  2. Crikey, I did not realise CS is nearly 10! I think the most influential article for me personally was the cover project in the very FIRST edition of Craft Stamper. I had dabbled with rubber stamps in a small and limited way, and then I happened to spot a copy of CS in a local bookshop. The cover picture really caught my eye, it was a project using a text stamp (in celtic uncial letters I think) and in shades of pink. I was absolutely amazed as I had no idea just what you could do with stamps! I bought that copy and became a rubber fanatic!! Ten years later, I have a huge number of stamps (so many I daren't count them ... I may be poorer, but discovering stamp art opened up a whole new world of creativity for me. I was completely useless at art at school, and I bought my first few stamps precisely because I can not draw.

    Since then I have been lucky enough to have some of my cards printed in craft magazines, I am a member of an online craft forum, I have my own craft blog, and I now teach card making at a local adult education centre. Stamping has changed my life and it all started with that first edition of Craft Stamper!

    Angela Cutting

  3. Congrulations on 10 years. I first bought the magazine at issue 3, which i still have, as who would throw them away!!! and my highlight was having my ATC published, as it was the first i ever made!

  4. sorry not a comment on fave issue but thought you might like to see my use of this months stamp, just here

  5. One thing that stands out for me is the new look August 2008 issue. It catapulted stamping right up to date and the projects were so fresh. I wanted to get that cover strawberry and try out all the 4 pages of makes! ** Kate **

  6. Not sure what my favourite article would be, but I have EVERY issue - even the free sampler before issue 1.... you should just see my living room (also my craft space!) it's kind of full. Well done on 10 years of magazines.

  7. I have only been getting craft stamper since August 2009 but have been really influenced by many articles, I got into digital art because of the article on Photoshop elements, love using scraps more due to from Scraps to Scumpious and I have discovered a technique that I love which is in Trish Lamiters article on stamp on aceate with tissues behind it oct 09 (?). Here is a card I recentley made using the last two techniques.

    However my best Craft stamper moment was when my ATC was published in the December 2009 issue "In the heart of winter" i rang, emailed , squealed at loads of people, I am so proud!


  8. Like Diane W above, one of my favourites is the Happy New Year card from January 2007. I bought all the materials like she did and I made a card for my Mum. She was thrilled.

    I also loved Penny Bearcroft's Seashell Canvas (May 2007) which I copied. It was the first time I'd ever stamped on canvas or made my own embellishments.

    Craft Stamper has taught me so many techniques: using shrink and friendly plastic, stamping on fabric, using Twinkling H20s to name a few.

    Gail - London

  9. My favourite project is actually a whole series of projects - Rachel Jackson's colour combinations. I have put all these in a binder & am working through them all. This series has prompted me to try out colours which I would never have otherwise tried, & some have become firm favourites which I now use over & over. I belong to several stamping Yahoo groups, & on one of them we based swaps on several of the combinations, it was great to see all the different interpretations of the same set of colours.