Friday 20 November 2009

I know something you don't know!

I know who is Stamper of the Year 2009! But I'm not telling!

The January issue went to print just last week with five lovely pages of work by the winners and finalists in this year's competition. If you entered the competition there is not long to wait now to find out if you are one of the chosen ones - the magazine goes on sale on the 4th December (subscribers will probably get it a smidge earlier). None of the winners knows if they have been chosen - we like to surprise them ;).

Thank you to everyone who entered our competition - there is a lot of talent out there!


  1. Can't wait to see who won and all of the fab work from the entrants!

  2. What a thrill for someone!
    Thanks for putting the featured artists blog links on the side bar.....I always come here to browse.