Tuesday 21 July 2009

Cover mount stamps - what would you like to see?

I'm getting ready to start looking at cover mount stamp designs for 2010 (!), and thought the blog would be a good place to get some suggestions on what you would like to see as a cover stamp.

What trends have you seen which you would like to see reflected in our freebie stamps?

What kind of images do you like? Which stamps are the most used and loved in your collection?

What stamps have you always wanted but been unable to easily find?

I'd love to know your thoughts! Thanks everyone.



  1. Love my cat stamps and little funny sayings. Bold stamps are great for stamping onto pattern paper. You had a great selection so far this year. Look forward to next year. Anesha

  2. Cute stamps are a current favourite of mine. I also love flourishes. Quotation stamps are always useful too. Love the magazine I always gain inspiration from it, hugs Pascale

  3. Have to say I love stamps that help to create backgrounds ie speckles,chicken wire,sequin waste in the negative and positive,scratches ect

  4. Hi, Katy..

    I don't think my stamp idea would be do-able as a freebie, but here goes...

    My mental image of angels are big muscly guys with big wings. I would love to find a stamp that shows a muscly angel, but with his 'modesty' covered with drapy fabric, and either reaching heavenward to God, or in prayer mode on his knees.

    Can see it in my head, but can't draw for toffee!

    Well.. you asked! lol ;o)

    Thanks for a great mag!

    Chris (Craftling) xx

  5. Hi Katy,

    How about little florishes and swirls or maybe lines of stitching or doodled dots'n'dashes?

    A Damask type image which could be used either as a focal point (maybe embossed and then matted onto card squares) or as a background with repeat stamping.

    (Apologies if you've already offered these in previous issues and I've missed them).


  6. Anything suitable for stamping backgrounds - ie. no border/frame around the stamp. Finely detailed flourishes. Realistic as opposed to "cute" natural history, eg. butterflies, birds, flowers, trees, leaves. Word stamps, eg. quotes, sayings. Something for men, other than sport, beer mugs or cars! Not asking for too much am I?? ;-)

  7. The instruments! And I don't just mean a drum battery or an electrical guitar and a grand piano, those you can find, but a really nice violin (the best I saw is from Simon says but even that one would just be a compromise), but a cello and some less generic instruments, a conductor, a score-stand etc. Bye, Kitty

  8. I would love to see sentiments - they are never around when you need one, but also I never get around getting any because all the other lovely picture stamps take all my money ^_^


  9. hi Katy :-) I am a subscriber to your mag and would particularly like circular sentiment stamps :-) Also stamps that could be used to create backgrounds,,swirls etc.

    lorraine x x

  10. A couple of suggestions from me:

    Some tiny images that could be used on Inchies.

    A short quote or greeting in a spiral.

    I'm sure I'll think of others... but in the meantime thank you for asking us Katy!

  11. I would love to see some animal stamps, a bit like the owl...or maybe a series of stamps over a few issues like a background stamp, main image stamp and and embelishment stamp

  12. Hi princesses and prince stamps are hard to find or a dragon stamp as I have been currently looking after making castle and fairy castle cards. Also I would use a stamp that had all the parts of a flower separate so that you can make your own flowers with stems etc quite a lot. Fans are always useful and any animal stamps cute cats or dogs etc would also attract me to buy (although I have just signed up for a subscription when I was at the Newbury stamp show). Hope these ideas are useful. Craftchick

  13. Some sort of postage stamp would be nice......either the circular franking type or the oblong sort with the queens head on type....if you get my drift!

  14. Hi Katie
    Swirls and nature (trees, leaves, flowers) are always great. The CS stamps I've used the most is the recent fairy ticket stamp. I'd love to see stamps timed for events/milestones: fireworks night, Valentine's day, Christmas, etc.

  15. Thank you for asking, Katy. I think a nice quote stamp would be great.

  16. Hi Katy i would love to have a stamp that i could use as a calender so like the squares would be left blank so can move the dates around so you would have a long bit at the top to put what month then s,m,t ect for the days then the squares to fill in the date i think this would be great for scrapbooking as well as cards as can show a persons birthday on cards and the date on what your photos of the day was hope this helps many thanks jayne vero xxx

  17. I have a passion for themed stamps at the moment like the recent Elusive Images Butterfly Daisy Collage or Butterfly Poppy Collage themeplates where you can build up a piece of work and keep adding until it's exactly what you want - or end up adding one image too many and having to start again!! A theme that runs over 2-3 months could be good with ideas of different ways to put the stamps together??


  18. I would love to see some sentiments stamps - nice little verses or quotes - not Happy Birthday and the ilk.

  19. I really like that you have asked different designers to design a stamps for you and I would like to see this continue - but maybe with an international feel? There are some amazingly talented people - Art Journey , De Stempelwinkel, Darkroom Door come to mind & are all stamp manufacturers I would not have found without Craft Stamper.
    A few thoughts -
    Parisien/ French images/ French text background always very useful
    Venice & Oriental images don't really go out of fashion
    A vintage type people stamp,
    A yacht or sailing ship
    Travel - tickets, luggage
    Hope this is of help

  20. Perhaps a gorgeous swirly stamp - you can never have enough of those!

  21. We've seen a lot of faires and a lot of Manga inspired stamps lately. I love the variations that's out there - but the stamps that really touch my heart string are the one's that look like they are taken directly from one of the books from my childhood. My favourite Swedish illustrator for kids Ilon Wikland - she's the one that illustrated many of the books by Astrid Lindgren - the Author of Pippi Longstocking and many more.

    I do love so many of my stamps, but of course - the Anki's Sweetheart collection is the one closest to my heart - especially Isac the soccerplayer - since I made him with my three year old son as a model :-)

    These stamps were released Feb 14th this year and of course I love to see what people are creating with them. It's a lot of fun, but unreal still - since I am rather new to the whole craft industry.

    I am also amazed of how many talented women there are out there. Here in Sweden cardmaking is starting to grow - but we are years behind UK and US. I do wish I had more time to illustrate and improve my illustrations.

    I still think that it's "CUTE" that's on top of the list for many stampers out there - but I also see more and more cute and fun animals - not just cute bears - being on the top of the lists. Then we will always have the stylish cards featuring wonderful flowers, fruits etc.

    The trend for 2010 will move towards the naivity of the 50ies and the shapes of 50ies/60ies if you look for clothes. The colours will be all from the naturals to the more vibrante and strong colours like in South Africa. I think that will impact the colours we will see for 2010 on our cards and also the main images.

    Sorry for a very long comment - but it's hard to just summarize this in one sentence. Love from Sweden - Anki (www.bargman.blogspot.com)

  22. A nice corner flourish

    Some scribe (text) with no square around it (Good for random stamping on inky backgrounds)

    A really nice flower you can easily cut round and 3d, I havent got one really nice flower to my name, I've started using some that are on the Victoria Case digi stamps Kayla & Tara.

    I also love photo type stamps (paperartsy minis type)

  23. Lots of great suggestions here looking forward to seeing what you go with. & hoping for things without boarders/edges that can be used for backgrounds and maybe drawn in such a way that they can be linked to repeat. Mature/adult images there is so much 'cute' out there its getting hard to find something for an adult.

  24. Id love to see some background stamps as have been suggested before - without a border the sequin waste or chicken wire idea sounds fab as does swirls.
    Words are always fab to have and are great to add to backgrounds.
    The inchies ideas sound great as does circular greetings.
    I love the idea of a postage stamp stamp that would be useful for sooo many things.
    Thanks for letting us have a say - makes us feel useful :0)

  25. I would love to see some more background stamps - possibly with a distressed look. I love the background stamps that I have and find them useful in every project.

    Miriam Grazier

  26. Cats do it for me every time. Three cats in a row with their backs to us. Then maybe a brick wall or fence for them to sit on and then maybe some sentiments - could go on forever. Have been buying your mag for ages and have at last subscribed. thank you for all the inspirational articles and the tips. brilliant.

  27. I'd love to see an oak leaf and something for halloween in a future issue please hugs Chloe

  28. Scrap what I said about a flower stamp, I see you already had one! I missed a couple of issues as the newsagents kept putting my saved mag on the shelves and after they did this 4 out of 6 times and I missed 2 issues I subbed! Will have to get my missing back issues as I have all from the past 5 years!

  29. HI There or should I say G'day (hee hee)

    Well was hoping for a frog stamp or a saying as they are handy. Love the mag as it is full of great stuff. We don't have any thing like it here in Australia especially W.A.

    Your Reader Natash E West Aust.

  30. I would love some more "male" stamps. I've used the boxer shorts so many times

  31. What lovely ideas there are! Id also like a nice sentiment or a pattern repeat stamp or a nice corner embellish stamp.
    Keryn :D

  32. Hi I too subscribe and have really liked the stamps this year. I would like unframed swirls and ornate corner stamps - thnaks for a great magazine

  33. Postage stamp edge is a great idea. Also, how about:
    Some zetti stripes/checks/spirals
    Photo corners
    One or two word sentiments like DREAM or IMAGINE (not in a a script font though)
    Retro 1950s shapes (as on the plates, fabrics of the time)

  34. Hi Katy - I love my free stamps! especially the fairyland ticket and the crown. I love the way your stamps are always so 'on trend' I really look forward to getting them each month. I would love...

    A beach hut stamp
    A watermarked vintage postage stamp
    A little vintage typewriter! (Oh please!)Grungy fonted inspirational words eg 'Inspire'
    A Betwinchie frame!
    More tickets!

    I love some of the ideas that others have put forwards - especially the chicken wire. Thank you for the stamps each month. anna xx

  35. So many good suggestions! I really like the idea of 'button' style sentiments that incorporate a small decoration; e.g. a holly sprig in a Merry Christmas greeting. This type of design is so useful to layer up with flowers or snowflakes.

  36. I'm not really into the cartoony designs unless it is Kawaii- (Japanese for cute) because rubber stamps cost a lot of money and when I'm shopping I tend to buy arty type think of Paperartst or Crafty Individuals. Love the fairyland tickets.

    My wishlist are:
    Moths - you don't see them on stamps at all, always flowers and butterflies
    More tickets
    My hamsters- Roborovski or other breeds.

    I could go on. How about some 'male' stamps such as skateboard, cars like in F1 racing, football, gaming consoles- On having first hand experience this is just as addictive as crafting. I'm trying to marry the two together.
    You look into sprite art.