Monday 15 June 2009

Who loves to be nosey???

Well, most of us, let's be honest!

I thought it would be nice as part of the Over to You section if we could look at readers' craft spaces. So if you have a craft space which is interesting, unusual, has fabulous storage ideas or is just going to make everyone insanely jealous, please send me a picture to

Please note: the picture needs to be printable quality, which means at least 300dpi (a file the right size will be quite large, probably 1 or 2mb).

I did think in a moment of madness I could share my craft space, but as it closely resembles a bomb site, I thought I'd spare you that particular pleasure!!!

Katy x


  1. Katy.. you do make me chuckle... lol.. You say yours looks like a bomb site, well.. was going to show you mine, but it looks relatively the same.. will tidy it up and email it over! the photo I mean.. not me stash.. lol

  2. Mine also resembles a bomb site, so maybe not just yet!

    Cazzy x

  3. Katy - I will do, once I've had a tidy up!!! LOL Mine is a lesson on how to fill a tiny space with as much supplies as is inhumanly possible!

  4. Oo this sounds great better get my craft room tidy then before I take a picture!! LOL