Friday 30 August 2013

CS meets Sir Tim of Holtz

This is me and my glamorous assistant Paula with the lovely Sir Tim at his UK event yesterday. We were very lucky to get tickets for this (Paula stayed on the phone for 2 hrs bless her!) and it didn't disappoint. Tim is a wonderful teacher - very relaxed and personable. The kits were awesome too - packed with goodies galore! And Personal Impressions did a fantastic job of the organising - so professional.

We had the best time and three hours felt more like three minutes!

I must say a big hello and thanks to the lovely Sue who was sat next to me - she helped me to catch up with the class and was so welcoming, even though I disrupted her with my lateness. Thank you Sue!
This is what the class should look like - mine, er, doesn't. (We were half an hour late - I was so embarrassed but bless him, Tim was cool about it.We caught up but our tag backgrounds were a little lacking having been done in approx 2 mins!) but I'll work on it more and try to share later.

If you get the chance to go to a workshop with Tim make sure you snap up the opportunity!

Katy x

PS - Excuse the dodgy photo - not sure what's wrong with my iPhone camera but clearly something is!


  1. *woohoo*

    What a great experience and such a lovely photo of you three!!! Thanks for sharing!
    Sylvia xx

  2. How fun for you! Tim lives 30 min from me and I have never taken a class -- shame on me! :)