Wednesday 23 November 2011

What would you like to see in Craft Stamper?

It won't be long now until the New Year and with that in mind I've been thinking about what new features we could think about adding to Craft Stamper in 2012.

So with that in mind, I am asking you, good readers, for your ideas and suggestions. What would you like to see? Is there a new regular feature that would make the magazine complete? Are there any older features you are bored of now? Should we change anything at all or are you happy with the mix?

I await your words of wisdom :).

Bye for now,
Katy x


  1. I love your magazine, just a couple of days ago, I reviewed the last two years (looking for an old project) and I have to stop and start to create, just inspired by an old article.

    And I found the magazine is improved , has more appeal then 3 years ago.

    Anyway, I'd like to see more altered , painty, messy, and mixed media related articles.

  2. I really like the meet the designer section - would love to see you expand this further maybe to exploring a blog or two?
    I would also like to see some progressive projects so starting basic and expanding skills over the coming months.
    I love the tutorials especially for gift type items which are so on trend at the moment with home made being the in thing to do.
    I was not keen on your focus issue such as books - I like to see a variety of projects in the issue - cards, tags, altered art, gifts rather than a themed issue.
    You have some fabulous designers on your team but it is also fab to see readers contributions and also other contributors as each designer has a "style" and sometimes projects seem a little samey (style and even colours) so varying the team would also be a suggestion.
    I always look forward to my issues arriving and am excited to see what 2012 brings to the magazine.

  3. I don't know if it is relevent to the CS magazine, but I would like to see a bit of jewellery making - it could still use stamping techniques - as stamps are so useful in all sorts of other crafts.

    Perhaps a few more diverse projects - but ones which don't cost a lot of money - and are 'useful' or make nice presents, rather than say - Merry go Rounds, or other complex works of art - which are beautiful - but not really practical as after you have spent hours or days making them and they cost quite a bit of money - then would just gather dust. I do subscribe to the magazine and do love it - just renewed it!

  4. To be honest Katy I would be pleased to see the return of the masterclass each month and more altered art. xx

  5. I am very happy with things in your mag, it is great!!

  6. I have subscribed to craft stamper for several years now, drawn by innovative techniques, however recently I have been disappointed with some of the projects that you have featured. I am pleased that you are happy to listen to your readers,, sadly several of my crafting friends have already cancelled their subscriptions. May I
    Ask if you would consider a design submission call with a particular theme ahead of issues, where you could ask designers from a wider pool to submit work to add more variety and inspiration. There are so many talented Stampers that could be drawn upon.

  7. Hi guys
    Thanks for the comments, keep them coming.

    Cathy - we would like to think about expanding the DT but a call of that nature would be very difficult. New and previously unpublished artists are a lot of extra editorial work and it is harder than you might think to find people who are talented AND can write well AND can work to deadlines effectively. However we are always very happy to hear from people who'd be interested in getting published.

    There are a few newbies to the DT both who you have seen already and upcoming. If anyone has suggestions for new team members I'd again be very grateful for your ideas.

    Netty - the masterclass is still there every month! It's always on page 62.

  8. Katy I love the magazine ..... it is a good mix of cutesy sometimes and grungy with altered in there aswel ...I only managed to get the second part of art journaling so would love it if you ran another piece on this as it gives backgrounds , stamping etc ....I think you have a great mix od DT . Keep up the good work I for one am pleased x

  9. I agree with a couple of the other comments. I have been a subsciber for nearly 3 years now and in respect of your designers I would say even though their work is good - some have a signature style that is instantly recognisable and this does get quite samey issue after issue and I find myself just skimming those articles if reading at all.

    I understand what you say about the requirements your designers need to meet ... but surely the fact that your designers should be more eclectic is important too.

    I love the reader submissions and also the reader's blogs....

    Personally I would not like to see too many articles on fabric and jewellery - there are other mags for this!

  10. Hi,
    I would love to see more art journalling projects in there, as well as more mixed media

  11. Hi Katy would it be possible to see more projects using recycled items into something useful and durable. I have seen some blog challenges where for example you can use a toothpaste carton and turn it into a pencil case or lipstick case.(just an example) We must all be feeling the pinch and would welcome fresh ideas on using stamps we've already got to better effect. I love the mag and can't wait for it to drop through my door every month.

  12. More Art Journalling please and especially more Kate Crane - her work is so inspiring.

  13. Since I´ve recently discovered Art journaling (and absolutely LOVE it), that has to be my suggestion.

    But i LOVE the magazine as it is, too!

  14. More Art Journalling please.

  15. Hi Katy - thank you for asking... a difficult task as I know it is not possible to please all of the people, all of the time!

    I personally would prefer less 'cute' and more mixed media. I have loved the features on Art Journaling for example, but then, that is my passion:)

    Also, more variety on the free stamps you include on the cover - as they generally fall into the 'cute' category - some more artsy, edgy designs would be most welcome.

  16. Gill you are not wrong - it's impossible LOL!
    We do try very hard to have a good balance of projects that will appeal to all kinds of stampers. In terms of the cover stamps, we do try to have a good variety. In the pipeline are designs by IndigoBlu, Crafty Notions and Octopode Factory, all of whom I suspect would not be considered on the 'cute' side of the market.

    In terms of the DT mix, I would like to point out that we've had several new contributors in the last three issues (Paula Whittaker, Lou Molesworth, Joanne Allison, Riet van Zundert, Carol Fox), plus several guest artists (Rachel Grieg, Siobhan Brignull, Amanda Jones, Tracey Dutton, Jean Hardy...). We have a big DT and no one artist will have more than one stepped project per issue, to give plenty of variety. I have also asked several more new people to join us on an occasional basis so more new faces coming in 2012!

    Keep the comments coming! It's all useful stuff.

  17. I have been an avid subscriber to the magazine since the first issue, and I have to say that I have very much enjoyed the recent issues. I would love more altered, grungy, arty projects, and art journalling too, and less cutesy ones (after all, there are several magazines catering to this market already!). Thank you for inviting readers' opinions on potential improvements to the magazine.

  18. please bring back readers submisssions, you used to set a specific brief/theme and ask readers to send in their intrepretations of the theme, this was orginally what inspired me to buy your magazine.I like to challenge myself.
    Readers hints/tips especially when we are all watching the pennies. Great magazine though!!

  19. I have subscribed since 2004, I have all the magazines, it is the only magazine I keep in binders and every issue. I loved the old Craft Stamper, I can see you need to appeal to a wider audience in order to sell the magazine and carry on producing it and so there is a slightly more cute feel to it than before but it is still full of the wonderful stuff that drew me too it (a magical world that I would like to be part of and now I am between jobs probably can). I also get the cuter magazines but if there are to be cuts they will always go first (and indeed my cull has begun)!

    I can do cute or artsy, and the colouring tutorials are good, use of different art media to colour images - the images don't have to be all cute though. I tend to use a lot of digi images these days only because we have a lot of digi sponsors on our challenge blog and I have to use them, I hated them to begin with as I love my extensive stamp collection. When I read through Craft Stamper I feel the urge to buy more stamps, but in reality I probably have something similar that would do the trick. How about that for an article, e.g. our designer used x and x stamp set, but Katy has a similar set and this is what she created (though I guess you have sponsor issues too, so it may not work) - then more people would use what they have already.

    I would like to see more altered art, altered photo frames, junk shop finds, stamping with melt pot, with all sorts added, mixed media then! Also more clever cards, different folds, cuts etc, which I tend to avoid, with wonderful stamping of course, and how about alternatives to expensive metal findings, moulding for example, mock metal embellishments using die cuts and paint/inks.

    Keep Calm and Carry On Stamping!


  20. As a new samper what I would like is a laminated card freebie with a run down one different inks-their uses and brands, and anything else a new stamper needs to know-a glossary? The differences in ambossing powders, essentail start up kit??