Friday 28 November 2008

Free stamp makes - Oriental Blossom

The Oriental Blossom stamp we featured in October seems to have been one of our most popular - appearing all over your blogs in various guises!

Check out this gorgeous work featuring the stamp emailed to me by Christine Middleton - isn't it fabulous? Christine says: "It is a decorative hanger and uses Dyan Reaveley's Blonde Moments papers, a piece of embossed wallpaper, some downloaded images from a cd, a bottle top and an old metal coathanger."

I hope you enjoy it. Please keep them coming. I've more to show you in the coming weeks.
Thanks to everyone for visiting and leaving your kind comments. I won't be around over the weekend as I'm up in Harrogate, but here's a little something to keep you going. If I get up to 40 followers by Monday, I'll randomly pick a follower to get a little bit of Christmas candy from Crafty Individuals.
Have a fun weekend!
Katy x


  1. Have a wonderful weekend Katy...I soooo wish I was going with you ;)

    and great work Christine!

  2. wow.. amazing work christine.

  3. loved this piece when i saw it in the flesh - it's great to see it onthe blog! well done christine

  4. Bet you have a great time this weekend. Look forward to seeing your creation(s) when you get back. BTW lovely work Christine. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Love the new look magazine and now the blog! I will be visiting the blog often.

  6. I loved this stamp, very versatile to use