Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Book Review: Paper Dandy’s Horrorgami

Horrorgami for Halloween! Paper Dandy’s Horrorgami: 20 Gruesome Scenes to Cut and Fold by Marc Hagan-Guirey

Hello lovely crafters!

We’ve discovered a brand new paper arts book we thought you’d love and we want to tell you all about it! Created by the UK’s leading Kirigami artist, Paper Dandy aka Marc Hagan-Guirey, Horrorgami shows you how to create intricate pop-ups inspired by classic horror scenes.

The Catacombs, intermediate difficulty.

‘Kirigami’ is the Japanese art of cutting and folding a single sheet of paper to create complex art work. Marc Hagan-Guirey used the technique to amazing effect to produce a stunning solo exhibition, entitled ‘Horrorgami’, which showcased his fascination with the macabre. The exhibition consisted of a series of 13 paper cut works, each representing a different recognisable scene from a cult horror film. The delicate white pieces were displayed in brightly coloured light boxes, which when viewed at night, illuminated the scenes in a sinister and alluring way.

According to the host gallery, Gallery One and a Half, “Hagan-Guirey juxtaposes the experience of viewing the work with the experience of watching horror films. Under the cloak of darkness, a horror film is at its most effective and potent but this power dissipates when viewed in the safety and familiarity of daylight.”

Visit Gallery One and a Half's website for more details of the exhibition. www.one-and-a-half.com/index.php?/upcoming/marc-hagan-guirey---horrorgami

As a follow up to his thought-provoking exhibition, Hagan-Guirey then went on to produce this practical craft book to make his designs more accessible to the general public.

Dr Frankenstein’s Watchtower, intermediate difficulty.

This hauntingly beautiful book is great for Halloween, and with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and pull out templates, it could become the perfect activity for a Halloween party, all you need is your trusty scalpel!

Alien Abduction, intermediate difficulty.

The Thing under the Stairs, beginner difficulty.

Visit Laurence King Publishing to purchase your own copy just in time for Halloween for only £12.95! www.laurenceking.com/en/paper-dandy-s-horrorgami-20-gruesome-scenes-to-cut-and-fold

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