Tuesday 28 October 2014

Meet the team - Sara Naumann

Welcome to another installment of our regular spotlight on some of the designers who contribute regularly to Craft Stamper. Today's designer is Sara Naumann, a name that might be familiar from her Eclectica range of stamps for PaperArtsy as well as her regular appearances in papercraft magazines. Here's Sara in her own words...

Hi everyone, I’m Sara! I’m an American stamper currently living in the Polish seaside town of Sopot. I’ve been writing for Craft Stamper for several years now and I’m thrilled because it’s long been one of my favourite magazines.

Designing is my full-time job. In addition to writing for magazines, I also teach online workshops, write books and film crafting DVDs. When I’m not crafting, I’m chasing after my small daughter, who is herself a crafter-in-training and currently has her eye on my stash of embossing powders.

I started stamping ages ago—I think it must be (gasp!) almost 20 years ago. It started with a little elf stamp that I bought to make Christmas gift tags. Soon I had enough stamping supplies to fill a shoebox …and it rapidly grew from there. I remember hurrying home from work each day because I was so looking forward to stamping and colouring. Imagine—that fun and excitement is still with me, even after all these years!

I’ve always been a crafter, since my mother taught me sewing, cross-stitch and more…and I spent most of my childhood drawing and crafting. (I must have made a hundred clothespin dolls!) When I went to high school and university, I stopped making things and got my creative outlet through writing instead. Years later, I learned about rubber stamping while I worked for Hot Off The Press, an American papercrafting company. And just like that, I was back to crafting!

After my family relocated to Europe in 2007, I decided to start my own design business. Now I host a weekly You Tube show, design Eclectica stamps for PaperArtsy and I’ve written a book (20 to Make Washi Tape Cards) and a DVD (Mixed Media Made Easy). It’s a great way to stay in the crafting world while still allowing a flexible schedule living abroad and caring for a preschooler.

Favourtie project #1

Double Heat Embossing Technique:
I love using embossing powders for backgrounds. For so many years, I only used embossing powder to emboss a single stamped image….but lately I’ve realized you can use them to create really amazing backgrounds as well! 

This project is blogged {here}

Do you have a signature style or favourite technique?
I love techniques—nothing gets me happier than digging around testing things out. That said, my general design style is pretty clean and simple.

Favourite project #2

How to Stamp with Embossing Paste:
Of course I love my rubber stamps but bubble wrap and coffee cup java jackets are great for stamping texture as well!

This project is blogged {here}

Where do you look for inspiration before you start on a project?
Most of my projects are for assignments, so I usually have parameters that help focus my inspiration: Either a specific technique, or certain product or colour combination. Limits are actually inspiring for me—I find I have an easier time creating within boundaries than if I have access to all the supplies in the world.

For personal projects that are gifts or cards, I always take inspiration from the recipient’s taste, style and preferences.

Favourite project #3
Eclectica Stamping with Fresco Finish:
Stamp with ink, stamp with paint…this is where I really love to experiment and play with a combination of techniques.

This project is blogged {here}

Thank you for joining me! If you’d like to learn more about any of the projects shown here, the links will take you straight to them. And if you get a chance, please pop by my You Tubechannel for a weekly dose of papercrafting videos! 

Thank you to the Craft Stamper team for inviting me to be a part of the blog today!


Thanks to Sara for sharing some of her stamping story - we hope you enjoyed finding out a bit more about her!


  1. Thanks for this lovely interview!! And these cards are really gorgeous ! :) x

  2. I did enjoy finding out a bit more!!! Thank you!!!

  3. No idea you were living on this side of the pond Sara! Lovely to find out more about you and your crafting. I love your brand of clean (style).