Saturday 28 September 2013

New issue - woop woop!

The November issue is coming very soon - on sale Friday 4th October!

Here's a peek at the cover, with lovely art by Sarah Engels-Greer. Neon is just HUGE right now and we actually have two articles featuring this trend. Embrace your eighties side (oh how well I remember mismatched neon socks...).

PLUS: We have a handful of Christmas projects to whet your appetite for next month's Christmas Special, a glittery gallery of bling-tastic cards, a rust Masterclass by the lovely Trish (this rocks) and a totally, utterly gorgeous hand stamped apron that Helen Chilton may not get back! And you've already had a sneeky peek at our Movember stamp too!

I love this issue and I hope you do too!

Katy x


  1. Can't wait till Mr Postman pops it through my door! xx

  2. cant wait for mine to drop thru the door!!

  3. So thrilled to have my Parchment Postcard published,
    Rosie x

  4. Hi there! Has there been some delays on shippping etc? My issue has not arrived yet (to Finland), usually it has arrived truly on time... BR, Kati