Saturday, 21 August 2010

NEW free classifieds service on our website

Just a note to let you know about a new feature on the CS website - so new in fact we have no listings as yet! It's a free classified service, where readers can offer unwanted stamps or stamping-related goodies for private sale.

If you are into sewing, patchwork or beading you can look at/post to listings for those magazines also.

You can access the free classifieds here.


  1. Fabulous idea thank you very much for this its sure to be very popular.

  2. great idea. thank you!
    kathleen mc xx

  3. I think this idea will be very popular crafters always have lots of different items to sell or even swop

  4. Wow! it’s very excellent -free-online-classifieds . I enjoyed this brilliant topic is being so fantastic. Anyway I would like to say thanks for that inspiration and modern technology